At the conclusion of active treatment .... you will begin the retention phase. The purpose of retainers is to maintain your straight teeth for a lifetime.

There are many different types of retainers. Dr. Bryant will review your original chief concern and then recommend a type of retainer that will best suit your individual needs. Dr. Bryant, through experience, recommends the Clear Slip Over retainers for the upper teeth and a bonded wire retainer for the lower teeth for a majority of our patients.


  1. Very comfortable to wear
  2. No annoying wire retainer that interferes with the bite
  3. Clear Slip Over retainers surround the ENTIRE tooth which is more efficient in keeping the teeth STRAIGHT.
  4. Virtually undetectable, which means hardly anyone will know you're wearing a retainer.


  1. You can't lose it!
  2. It works all the time.


How long do I wear my retainers?

Average schedule is 3 months full time immediately after the removal of the braces followed by 6 months of night-time wear followed by 2-3 nights of wear as needed .... for as long as you want your teeth to remain straight.

What are the little tooth colored bumps on my upper I-teeth or canine teeth?

These are temporary and will be removed in 3-6 months. They help to maintain the vertical position of the teeth.

What if want a different type of retainer?

Although Dr. Bryant knows best ... if that is your choice ... we will accomodate your wishes.

I'm seeing holes in my Clear Slip Over retainer?

You are grinding your teeth at night (bruxing). Your retainer was designed to keep your teeth straight ... not act as a protective night guard. We can fabricate a night guard for you to wear at night. This means that you would wear your retainer during the day. Night guards are $295.

Can I put bleaching gel in my retainer?

It is not recommended. The bleach will weaken your retainer.

How do I clean my retainers?

Brush your retainers with a toothbrush, toothpaste under cold water. A clean retainer will last a long time. Use your floss threaders to floss around the lower bonded retainer.

What if I notice my teeth are moving?

Immediately go to FULL time retainer wear until the problem is corrected.

What if I lose my retainer?

Call our office immediately to order a replacement retainer ($200).

What if my bonded retainer comes lose?

Call our office immediately to have it replaced or repaired. Repair or replacement fees vary depending on the circumstances and/or age of the bonded lower retainer.

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